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Sometimes a book or a little photograph in a museum takes you to another world. read more
Sometimes a book or a little photograph in a museum takes you to another world. These are precious moments. This time, for the first time it was a series that made me think differently, look at the world from another perspective. THE GET DOWN. 

The Get Down takes place in 1970’s New York, telling the story of the birth of hip-hop through the a group of young people’s lives. Will Smith’s son Justice Smith is on the lead role of Zeke, who is a smart, talented boy deeply in love with a girl. Mylene is determined to become a disco star and she wants to leave Bronx and reach Manhattan for her aim. Zeke is very good with words and making music. He also wants to rise. Zeke’s friends are artistic, too. One of them is a graffiti artist; another is a DJ. 
I just finished the third episode. There are clues that some of those youngsters will be famous. The effort they expend on this is told in such an authentic way that one gets impressed very easily. 
I suggest “The Get Down” for going back to those innocent times. 

From The Editor
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Chat with Tamer Yılmaz read more
Chat with Tamer Yılmaz
I am Tamer Yılmaz.

The first thing I do in the mornings is drinking coffee.
Today I came to Sanayi 313 because I saw Ramo on the way.
I had pastry with cheese at Sanayi 313.
The first thing that caught my eye while going around the store was the Christmas tree.
Coffee I had there stayed on my mind the most.
After leaving Sanayi 313, I am going straight to work.
Before I go to bed I always make love. 
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Serena's New York; her one-day and favourite spots... read more
Her one-day in New York
“Taking out from Tribeca, I would have my breakfast at Café Gitan on Mott Street. After that, since I am already in the area of Nolita, I’d check out the vintage shops and go around Soho. I would stay away from Broadway. Main roads are very crowded. I love to explore and even get lost in the side streets. I would walk to Bar Pitti in West Broadway to have lunch with my friends. Food is delicious and the ambiance is nice there. Then, I would go to Central Park by subway, walking through the park heading Guggenheim Museum. After visiting the museum, I would go back to Downtown by subway again and get ready for having dinner with my friends at Mr. Chow; one of New York’s classics. I would finally end the night having a drink at Blond.”

Her favorite spots…
“My favorite restaurant is Bar Pitti. For lunches, especially when the weather is good, this place is ideal. 
I always like to have something to eat or drink at Mercer Kitchen while going around Soho. 
The interior of Guggenheim Museum has always impressed me. 
I like to take a tour around Moma Museum, as well as the Museum’s shop.
Kirna Zebate and Bergdorf Goodman are my favorite shops in New York. 
I like to go around Nolita and East Village for vintage shops. Metropolis Vintage and Amarcord Vintage Fashion are my favorite vintage spots.
I enjoy the little exhibitions in Chelsea and discovering different artists. 
For me, Tomeo Sushi is the best sushi restaurant in town but one should not have any expectation of the atmosphere. It’s a simple and comfortable place, ideal for a Sunday night. 
Angelika Film Center is a place where I always enjoy going and watching independent movies. 
New York Library has a magnificent architecture. I can make research and daydream inside the books all day long. 
Unique Square Market is ideal for local goods and fresh flowers. When I was studying at Parson’s, I used to buy flowers from here and then by subway, head to my house in Soho.
Whitney Museum Meatpacking is a must-see.”
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"I want my houseguests to taste that burger I had in Sanayi 313." read more
"I want that cake for my birthday party. I want my houseguests to taste that burger I had in Sanayi 313." Now, it is possible with the catering service we provide. 
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A corner of Sanayi 313 Classics... read more
A classic never goes out of style. 
Here is the corner of Sanayi 313 Classics. 
Louis Vuitton suitcases, Borsalino hats, Serge Lutens perfumes, Cire Trudon candles and Mark Cross bags. 
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Let 2017 be wild! read more
We hope to enjoy music and be wild in 2017!
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Happy New Year... read more
Happy New Year...
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Enis Karavil has been a nominee for Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the year 2016. read more
Sanayi 313 Architects have been working on projects all around the world. With their base project Sanayi 313 in Maslak, İstanbul, Enis Karavil has been a nominee for the international interior designer of the year 2016 by taking place in Andrew Martin Design Review Book. This year, Nicky Haslam (77 years old) won the price. Haslam has designed many famous people’s homes such as Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry and Charles Saatchi. 
Hoping this a very good sign for the future, we are honored to be part of Andrew Martin Design Review. 
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These days, pumpkin cake is appealing to most of us. read more
These days, pumpkin cake is appealing to most of us. And if it's coming from Sanayi 313 Kitchen, it is really hard to resist this taste. 

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DOT DOT DOT read more
Chat with Mert Aslan
I am Mert Aslan.
The first thing I do in the mornings is having a hot coffee.
I came to Sanayi 313 today because I love it here.
I had lentil soup with red beets.
I couldn’t resist the chocolate caramel pie among the desserts.
The first thing that caught my eyes was the marvelous shoes by Serena. 
The inspiration I got from the place remained on my mind the most. 
After leaving Sanayi 313, I said to myself “Luckily they are here in İstanbul.”
Before going to sleep, I think of positive, good things. 
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