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Inspired by the Indian Cuisine, our chef Müge is experimenting new tastes for the drinks menu. read more
Inspired by the Indian Cuisine, our chef Müge is experimenting new tastes for the drinks menu:
The best gift for a cook would be a cookbook. Thanks to our brand director Serena, I have great books from India now. India is an endless source for ingredients, especially the spices. When I came back from the Fareast, I was in a different state of mind. Nowadays I feel similar.
I took a step in a different area this time. Other than cooking, creating drinks and seeing people interested in new tastes excite me a lot. 
I tried a drink with cilantro, which is used in India very frequently. A simple and delicious taste came to life. The ingredients are very important as always. The cilantros I found in Fatih Women’s Bazaar are so fresh and alive that one could think they were directly put into the glasses. With the juice of the carrots, which I bought from the same bazaar, there comes a great blend. 
Fresh carrot juice with cilantro could make those who don’t like cilantro love it….
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Our music editor Figen was at Klein to listen to John Digweed. read more
Our music editor Figen was at Klein to listen to John Digweed.
One of the classical names of electronic music John Digweed met our expectations one more time. DJ, who has been very stable in his career since 1989 proved that he is still here!
The night was organized by Burn on the 20th of May at Klein. Klein should continue to have worldwide known DJ’s since the place is the best in Istanbul.
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Second-degree historical monument has four floors covering 270 square meters of area. read more
Second-degree historical monument has four floors covering 270 square meters of area. The basement of the house is ferroconcrete, whereas all the other floors are wooden constructed. The house, which we renovated predicating on the original project, led us to simple touches with its typical style. 

•    In the entrance / the paintings – by Hatice Güleryüz.
•    In the entrance / the sculptures – by Kathy Dalwood, special editions for Sanayi 313.
•    Guest WC / wallpaper – special production. 
•    Guest WC / chandelier – Horhor.
•    Drawing room / green book sculpture – by Seçkin Pirim. 
•    Drawing room / fez – signed by Taner Ceylan.
•    Living room / painting – by İhsan Oğuz.
•    Living room / coffee table – Sanayi 313 design “Telaio”.
•    Bedroom / black and white collection – by Nilüfer Yıldırım and Jennifer İpekel.
•    Basement & garden / pool table – from 1920’s “Riley”. 
•    Garden / sculpture – by İhsan Oğuz. 
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DOT DOT DOT read more
Chat with İrem Kınay

I am İrem Kınay.

I kiss my daughter before my day begins.

Today I came to Sanayi 313 because it is a place where pleasure and taste come together. 

I had Baba Ganoush from Jackson Pollock kitchen at Sanayi 313.

I couldn’t resist the caramel tart among the desserts. 

Serena Uziyel bags were the first to catch my eye while going around the store. 

After I left there, pineapple arrangements on the tables were still on my mind. 

When I leave Sanayi 313, I feel as if I’ve travelled abroad. 

I listen to music before I go to bed.
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What have we done in the office to feel the summer? read more
We brought out the summer office goodies to feel the summer. In this way, while we are increasing our motivation, we are also feeling the sun.

Leather / Fabric Notebook - Sanayi 313
Vintage Compass - 313 Collection
Cork Pin - Hay
Paperclip with Magnet - Hay
Cube ruler - Hay
Brass / Copper Pens - Y Studio
Brass / Copper Black Pen - Y Studio
Brass Casting Scissors - Hay
Ceramic Vase and Cactus - Serax
Weekly Calender - Serax
Carob Envelope Opener - Abbeyhorn
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Sanayi 313 has been selected to feature in Interior Design Review. read more
We are delighted to inform you that Sanayi 313 has been selected to feature in this year's 20th Volume of the Interior Design Review. 
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Nicola Cruz - Pagano read more
Nicola Cruz - Pagano
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Chef Müge was at Kastamonu for the Mushroom Festival. read more
Chef Müge was at Kastamonu for the Mushroom Festival. 

You can be surprised to hear that there is mushroom in this season. Even though fall is a much more productive season for mushrooms, spring is not bad at all. Especially Kastamonu area is very fruitful for morels during spring months. 
When I heard there was a festival on mushrooms, which have been my point of interest for a long time, I bought my Kastamonu tickets immediately. Festival that was organized by Mycologist Jilber Barutçuyan and Ece Aydın changed my point of view towards mushrooms.
Festival was really pleasurable. We first picked some mushrooms. Then we listened to the conference about mycology. At last we tried the pasta sauce that Jilber made with the morels and porcini mushrooms he picked beforehand. 
I realized how our country is far behind in the subject of mushrooms.  All the mushroom poisoning is caused by lack of education and unconscious consumption. Even the edibility of the mushrooms should be updated. For example a mushroom called ‘Ekşi Mehmet’ (common in Antalya) used to be eatable in 1960’s. After some examinations made through time, it was seen that it might cause kidney diseases. It doesn’t cause death all of a sudden. Without knowing, an illness occurs and with time this illness ends up with death. None of the mushrooms that cause death have antidotes. 
I found out that in Switzerland, they value this issue. According to what Jilber told us, to sell the mushrooms, they show them to experts and receive their approval. In Turkey on the other hand, without any inspection mechanism, the mushrooms are put on counters directly from the forest. That’s why the rate of mushroom poisonings is so high in our country. Another cause that raises these rates is wrong kind of packaging of the mushrooms. This issue amazed me during my internship in London. The mushrooms arriving to the restaurant I worked were almost valued as diamonds. Mushrooms’ packaging was very special, made out of cardboard boxes. The same issue was discussed in the conference as well. Putting the mushrooms inside nylon bags can cause poisoning. 
Since we don’t know the mushrooms well enough, we don’t consume nor identify the mushrooms produced in our country, which are sold for hundreds of Euros abroad. 
I gained a different point of view with this festival. Thumbs up for the mushroom festival!!!

Müge Ergül
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We are ready for summer's disco nights. read more
We are ready for summer's disco nights with our disco slippers. Let's dance!
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Chat with Bahar Kongel read more
Chat with Bahar Kongel

I am Bahar Kongel Fransez.

I kiss Mick before my day begins.

I came to Sanayi 313 today because I have to buy the “Disco Slippers”.

I ate Hamburger at Sanayi 313. 

I ate the pyramid cake as dessert.

While I was looking around the store, cactuses, medicine cabinet, all the displays, EVERYTHING caught my eye.

After I left Sanayi 313, black and white striped tables remained on my mind.

When I left there, I thought ‘way to go Enis, Serena, Müge, Amir and rest of the team’. They created the coolest store and living space in Istanbul.

Before I go to sleep, I read my fairy tales and count the sheep. 
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