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Soley - I'll Drown read more
Soley - I'll Drown (Moritz Guhling's Tranen Remix)
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Sanayi 313 Architects are telling us about their latest project ‘Bebek House’. read more
Sanayi 313 Architects are telling us about their latest project ‘Bebek House’: 

By taking into consideration the wishes of our customer, we began with the idea of creating a both visual and a functional house. We completed our two-months long renovation and decoration process with unique furniture and accessories created specially for the homeowner. Many of the accessories were provided from Sanayi 313. We enriched our designs with art works and different textures, which make the house special.

•    In the entrance / 3D Wall Sculpture - by John Wison, Limited Edition 22/50
•    Living room / Round shaped painting – Oil painting on canvas: “Socialization” by İhsan Oturmak
•    Living room / Square shaped painting – Acrylic on canvas: “Joy of Life” by İhsan Oğuz
•    Living room / Chandelier – BB.07.45” by Lindsey Adelman
•    Bedroom / Painting – Acrylic on steel: “Dear John II” by Berkay Buğdanoğlu

*For the rest of the pictures, you can visit Architects/Projects. 
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We imagined the perfect Sanayi 313 woman. read more
We imagined the perfect Sanayi 313 woman. 
With her Anndra Neen jewelry, Mark Cross bag from the Grace Box Collection (inspired from the Overnight Case Grace Kelly used in the film “Rear Window”), the imaginary woman looks cool and chic. Her vanity mirror is not a standard one. Made out of bell metal, it was found in a secret antique place in London. She doesn’t keep her jewelry in a box; she likes to see them on a hand sculpture by Areaware. She is interested in arts, reading “Women in Art” from Assouline these days. She comes to Sanayi 313 for lunch and has the salmon with coconut milk basmati rice and spinach.
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Heads Above (from the album Dreams) read more
Heads Above (from the album Dreams)
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Sanayi 313 has this incredible antique mosaiced piece from Hillsideout. The 19th century armchair is a contrast between history and contemporary. We talked with the creators of Hillsideout Andrea and Nat: read more
Sanayi 313 has this incredible antique mosaiced piece from Hillsideout. The 19th century armchair is a contrast between history and contemporary. We talked with the creators of Hillsideout Andrea and Nat: 
We would like to get to know you better. 
Andrea: Nat and me are individually very different but we both look for perfection in what we do, trying to create always something new. Nat is more the artist of the duo; I am the one who tries to make the ideas possible.
How do you feel when you are creating brand new furniture out of antique pieces?
A: We love to use antique materials; working with pieces that are old and unique gives us great emotion. To me, it gives the opportunity to see antique technical details in construction and I can never get enough of it.
Nat: An old piece makes you feel unique because it is definitely a particular piece, you don’t know the whole story of it but you are part of it because the piece is there in front of you. So there is a coincidence factor that fascinates me and then there is somehow a feeling of duty. I cannot leave well-elaborated pieces hidden and forgotten somewhere. So the invention we create for the specific pieces, is for keeping them alive and to give them another try, to extend their lifetime. 
Would you tell us about your typical working day?
A: We do not have a typical day because we do not have a typical working place. We work in two studios, one is in Italy close to Bologna on the hillside near-by Tuscany and the other one is in Berlin. As we are often abroad our days are not regular at all.
N: Nevertheless, Andrea is more regular than me and he is the one who makes noise by building something already in the morning. I am more flexible than him. I can work everywhere. I draw, I take pictures, I write, I build… and often until midnight. 
Since Sanayi 313 has the neoclassical-mosaiced armchairs you created, would you share with us more information about your mosaic line? It is really interesting to see contemporary mosaic on pieces from the 19th century.
N: I come from Halle/Saale, an industrial German town. When I arrived in Bologna, which is a beautiful medieval town, I was fascinated by the history seen in the architecture. You did not need any books, it was all written there on the columns, floors and on the stones. Water left tracks on antique columns. You can still see that Bologna used to be a city of water. The rivers were covered later but the traces talk. Hence, the idea of water and reflection was there since a while. When we saw antique mosaiced tiles and old floors under water in Ravenna and also in Istanbul, we thought that it would be a beautiful idea trying to rebuild it somehow in a miniature. The wooden pieces needed to be old for showing this concept and the mosaics needed to have new contemporary colors for emphasizing the contrast between old and new.
Have you been to Turkey? Where were the places you visited, what are the memories you remember and what kind of inspirations you found in our country? 
A: Yes, we both visited your amazing country several times. Last time was in November 2014 where we exhibited a couple of pieces during the Istanbul Design Week, we enjoyed the many contrasts of your daily life. However, I like to remember me as a child in Efes and Pamukkale. 30 years ago there was no tourism as far as I remember and the pure and holy beauty of these places are unforgettable.
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Our music editor Figen discovers the street market “Palo Alto” in Barcelona. read more
Our music editor Figen discovers the street market “Palo Alto” in Barcelona: 

Palo Alto Market is a street market that takes place in the first weekend of every month between 9.00 a.m. and 11.00 p.m. Situated in a town of Barcelona where there are old textile factories, Palo Alto creates opportunities for undiscovered artists to show themselves and have workshops with the audience. 
Palo Alto is only fifteen minutes away from the center of Barcelona. The greens around, little pathways, caravans, small food stalls on old cars, design and vintage stores are some of the things of this cute street market that impress you.
Then you begin to hear nice music. There are two stages. You find the chance to listen to Jazz-blues singing groups. You can enjoy the music while shopping or while sipping from your drink in front of the stage. 
If you are going to visit Barcelona soon, I recommend adding Palo Alto Market to your to-do list!
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  • AS-791x602.jpgCabbage, mung bean, green apple, carrot, with turmeric avocado seasoning
  • THUMB-791x602.jpgBaked carrots, brussels sprouts, broccoli, onion, with turmeric avocado seasoning
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There is a hot breeze coming from Fareast at Sanayi 313’s kitchen. read more
There is a hot breeze coming from Fareast at Sanayi 313’s kitchen. Chef Müge, who came back to 313 in a very satisfied mood after spending some time in Ban Kong and Pattaya, is telling us about the delicious food she creates with the inspiration she got from Thailand:

February 2016 was different than the previous Februaries I saw. I left the cold and snowy winter days behind and went to Thailand for a week. It was a great feeling to have a bit of summer in the middle of winter. I haven’t had the chance to experience Fareast culture this closely before. They have a very different food culture. They eat noodle and rice every moment, including breakfasts. Eggs and shrimps are their favorite protein source. I had the chance to see many farmers markets and bazaars. I felt as if I was in another world when I saw the seasonings and spices at the markets. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the lemongrasses on the counters.

As a chef; it doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the kitchen or how many books you read, you need to go and see new places and experience new kinds of food! I thought I more or less knew Thai food. Yet, I saw some vegetables and fruits for the very first time in my life. Some products are not known in our country or in Europe since they only grow in tropical climate. Those products are sold on the street counters in Thailand. Hawking, which we are used to in Turkey, is very common over there as well. I can say it is even five-six times more common than Turkey. When I talked to people there, I learned the reasons. Hawkers do not pay tax to the government and people prefer to buy food from outside instead of cooking at their homes. Some of the hawkers were strange. Even though the weather was so hot, all those fish and meat were standing at the counters without any ice or cooler. 

I tried to experience a new food everyday. My favorites were tom yum soup and sticky rice dessert made out of coconut oil and mango. Pad Thai is a kind of food that you shouldn’t come back without having.

After seeing so much new food and ingredients, my turn back to Sanayi 313 was utterly different. I came back with many books on Thai food and an extra luggage. You can guess the inside of that luggage. Spices, lemongrass, chili peppers, coconut oil and vinegar, seasonings, rice, noodle, galangal and many more…

There was an immediate change in 313’s menu. Salmon with coconut milk, sweet and sour sea bass, pineapple salads are some of the new meals in the menu. Our regulars realized the difference quickly and were very happy. Kitchen team got very excited as well. They now have the chance to serve a brand new food culture by using its local ingredients. I suggest trying these new tastes with Thai breeze in the air at Sanayi 313!

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Falling Feat. Tim Digby-Bell (Sunday Morning Mix) read more
Falling Feat. Tim Digby-Bell (Sunday Morning Mix)
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As this antique snooker table arrived at Sanayi 313, it straight away found it’s way to a perfect surrounding. read more
As this antique snooker table arrived at Sanayi 313, it straight away found it’s way to a perfect surrounding. Now serving as both dinner and snooker table, we didn’t want to skip sharing its special features with you.
It is a quarter size mahogany snooker table that converts to a table, by quality made by English maker Riley. Made out of baize and frame in excellent condition, it is complete with period balls and cues. The snooker table is English and goes back to 1920’s. 
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A couple from Italy creates sculptures out of folded books. They fold every page by hand! We talked with Anna Bonino, one of the founders of Crizu. She thinks Crizu is similar to Sanayi 313 in terms of combining old traditions with modern designs. read more
A couple from Italy creates sculptures out of folded books. They fold every page by hand! We talked with Anna Bonino, one of the founders of Crizu. She thinks Crizu is similar to Sanayi 313 in terms of combining old traditions with modern designs. 

How did you come up with the idea of turning books into sculptures by folding them?
As these things often happen, the idea of transforming books into sculptures came by an unexpected chance. We used to live in New York City. One day, in a super high-end oriental antiquities shop, we noticed a book placed in a theca, which had cuts running through the pages creating a beautiful design. We loved it so much, we tried to replicate the effect with the books we had at home. But we did not dare to cut. So, we began to fold! That is how it all began. All our paper sculptures today are hand folded, page after page, here in Italy and nothing is cut away apart from the front cover. We are transforming books into modern and sophisticated design objects. We now generally use old obsolete Italian books that go from the 1920’s till the 1990’s. Each book can be considered ‘one of a kind’ piece for two books are never alike to begin with, and it is impossible for us to make two sculptures identical. 

When someone sees your folded books for the first time, what is the general reaction?
Actually the reactions are very personal and fascinating. I always find it interesting to listen to how people engage with our folded books. Our books awake the most different impressions but the most frequent emotion, that combines them all, is curiosity and wonder. Almost all people appeal to books. They are a strong part of our cultural heritage for their contents and treasure, but also as objects in their own right - beautiful objects we all adore. The idea of transforming an obsolete book, forgotten on a shelf, into a new concept, a new life, a design object is actually quite powerful to many. 

If you were to create an abstract sculpture from an unusual material other than books, what would it be?
We actually do. On a very private and reduced scale, we make particular works of sculpture on old wooden trunks. We clean them bare of their bark until they are smoothly pleasant to the touch and eye. Then we begin to write, with special pens, long selections of texts from our favorite readings: Anna Karenina, War and Peace, The Book of Job, A Room with a View etc. The idea is again: word, man, knowledge, nature and art. All combined together quite simply, but with great strength.

When we reached you from Turkey for the folded books, how did you feel?
We were thrilled and immensely pleased. Istanbul and Turkey in general, are such fascinating places and it is impossible not to be impressed by your profound culture and incredible sense of esthetic. For our sculptures to be a part of this, is a great opportunity and we are very grateful. It is fantastic when the sense of heritage is still felt beneath the new forms of modern living and design (talking about 313). In a way, just as our books!

Have you ever been to Turkey? If yes, what were your favorite destinations? Which historical places, structures, neighborhoods gave you inspiration?
Yes! But, I have been only to Istanbul up to now. The trip was a wedding gift from a dear family friend who treated my husband and I to a magnificent weekend in your fabulous city. It was a long last dream of mine to visit this fantastic city I have always read about in my history and art books during my studies. A city, a melting pot that goes back for centuries. I was overwhelmed. We spent most of our time visiting the historical sites of Topkapı Palace, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the very colorful market, parks and a marvelous cruise on the Bosporus and other wonderful places and monuments. At night the restaurants gave us a flash of how vibrant the city is. We had great fun Fenix.
It was impossible for me not to bring back home inspirations and energy from such a place.

Where do you take your inspiration in life?
Inspirations are mysterious! I suppose from the people I meet, the places I visit. Nature is a big inspiration for me, in the sense that it gives me peace. The beauty you see in nature really touches your heart and soul. I guess life is just one big inspiration! The best ideas sometimes also come from mistakes or when things come out different as to how they were planned. And they are more beautiful than the original idea! This is actually the aspect I prefer the most. The idea that things can be totally unpredictable… Very exciting.

What are your plans about your sculptures for 2016?
We are working on some new models of folds for our sculptures, especially for our wall pieces. It also always depends on what books we come across. It is the book that dictates the outcome. We have a lot of new ideas actually! We are also thinking of introducing mirrors in order to appreciate movement of the folds more. A lot of surprises! I hope you will be interested!
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