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I was in Amsterdam last weekend. Such a serene city. read more
I was in Amsterdam last weekend. Such a serene city. 
I was first impressed by the hotel we stayed in. Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam welcomed us with a piano hanging from the ceiling and a small flower shop corner. The old portraits and choice of artworks inside the hotel were beautiful. We had both breakfast and lunch at Janzs restaurant of the hotel, the food was incredible. 
The streets nearby the canals and the little shops on them gave me inspiration. One of them was “Guild of Holland”. Andrea Molti was creating leather accessories with his hand and the ones on show were very elegant. Amsterdam is a city of art. I saw many galleries on those streets. One of them impressed me with the work “Passage” by Mohau Modisakeng. “Passage” is a body of work consisting of performance, photography and film.  It focuses on slavery dismemberment of African identity and its enduring erasure of personal histories. 
We went to The Rolling Stones’ concert on Saturday night. Seeing Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood on stage was like going back in the history. 
My last stop before leaving on Sunday was Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum. It is a world of magazines and books. I got lost in the store and found many good ideas for Sanayi 313’s upcoming site from the magazines I could carry with me. 
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