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I went to Switzerland to find inspiration in various delicious dishes. read more
I went to Switzerland to find inspiration in various delicious dishes. It turns out that going away from İstanbul could instantly alter one's whole energy and chemistry.
I went down to Basel in Switzerland. After the passport control, I saw that there are two exits in the same airport. One exit leads to Switzerland and the other one leads to France.  Guess which exit I chose! Strangely, I found myself near the France exit. Fortunately, I realized the situation and went to the Switzerland exit. It sounds nice to be in three countries in one day when you think about it. 
I think it is wonderful that two countries are so interconnected. My friend who lives in Basel tells that sometimes they go to France for shopping and other times they go to Germany for the same purpose. Think about it: What a great chance it is to buy the best of the cheese from France and the best of the sausages from Germany. Basel is a very small and quiet city. One can notice that all the countries around influence the city in terms of gastronomy. 
There is a concept so-called "Market Halle". I would really love to have it in our country. Imagine a closed marketplace. It is possible to find all sorts of foods and beverages here. This concept is present both in Basel and in Colmar. There is a big area and there are tables in the middle of it. You can buy whatever product you want and eat them at those tables. You can even find great products for home such as wine, cheese and baguette side by side. 
We found it hard to find a place to eat in Colmar because we missed the lunchtime. In Market Halle, finding a great solution, we prepared ourselves a menu with glasses of wine, great France cheese, and baguette. We went to eat them in a park with a beautiful view. The food was delicious. Sometimes these kinds of dishes please a person more than the best restaurant's meal. It is also an opportunity to get to know the local people's way of eating.
I saw that the country is very advanced in terms of bread and bakery. There was a dessert named "galette" in every bakery's showcase. A paper crown was placed on it. They call it "Galette du Roi et Reine" (the galette of the king or the queen). The person who finds the almond hidden in the dessert wears the crown and becomes the new king or the queen. What a lovely bit of information! Don't be surprised if you see this dessert and the king's crown on Sanayi313 buffets this year. 
I think my short journey to France and Switzerland gave me good inspiration. We changed the menu again. Of course, you can see some French influences.

Müge Ergül
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