• IG_791x602_1.jpgROBERTO THE DERANGED - 2017, 30X50cm, acrylic on paper
Sanayi 313 Bebek has a visitor these days; “Roberto The Deranged”. read more
Sanayi 313 Bebek has a visitor these days; “Roberto The Deranged”. 
Artist Murat Işık uses characters like Tintin and Dupond to symbolize humans or humankind and satirize sociological and politic issues. 
Artist’s works in the serial “Otto-Money” symbolize the uprising interest and passion of Turkish people towards Ottoman Empire in a critical and fun way. 
Murat Işık was born in Istanbul, 1967. At the age of eight, Işık started to study painting.
He graduated from graphic design department of Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts.
His first artworks were exhibited at the 4th Biennial of Istanbul.
​After a long pause due to his career as a high-grade advertising creative he fully returned to the art scene in 2017. Murat Işık has written a book called "Assorted Luxury Biscuits", which was published in 2016 by Doğan Books. 
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