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Enis is telling us about his Mykonos vacation. I took pleasure reading what he wrote nearly as much as our Mykonos trip. read more
I start my day at Marenga Milk Bar. As I am drinking my iced coffee, I am eating scrambled eggs, which I know I will never forget the taste of. A cute girl is sitting across me, don’t worry about who she is.  On the hills of Mykonos, this primitive location is to explore for. Marenga Milk Bar makes you feel good with its bamboo ceilings, concrete floor and natural warm colours. Despite the slow service, I leave the place happy with its owner Angela’s smile. 
I don’t like to drive, especially in an island! I found something like Uber and thought of how things spread so quickly for couple of minutes. 
Then, I visit Nikos’ store and I can’t drink anything other than water. It’s very hot and becomes even hotter among the diamonds. 
I know it’s going to be a great vacation. Alemagou, Principote/Panormas and Sundays’ favorite Scorpios smile at me from my list. I am staying on a boat but this time this sailboat means only a heavy sea. Mykonos is not suitable for boating. But my family and my eight-months-old pineapple, my niece soothe the speed of the wind and white surfs of the sea. We get used to each other with my pineapple on this vacation. She is afraid of my beard but I can’t trim.
I love getting lost in the streets of this island, which never misses to make you smell the lamp. While looking for Astra, I come across with Interni. There is a good party but I seem to know the faces. I want to go on with being a tourist. 
I forget about my list and clear my head. I find myself in a fish restaurant called Koursaros inspired from Japanese cuisine. I like the place even more when I see Sake on the menu. Then, I go to Astra located in the town with my friend from university. There is still no plans. It went like that till the end of the trip.
As the sun raised in my cabin on Monday morning, I felt like I was in the office. Phone calls, e-mails and everything that we are enslaved by everyday routines begin to smile at me. 
I will go back in the soonest time…
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